Recent Works



This piece was created in my art journal as part of a lesson by Tania Ahmed as part of Everything Art's Wanderlust 2024 course. We were exploring using needle tip applicators to apply paint. 

Worlds Upon Worlds

Using acrylic inks on canvas and lots of water on top of a pink background, this piece evokes clouds and worlds built upon them.


The background is made by letting acrylic inks drip on a very wet page. I then painted my dad from a photo of him as a young man.

Gridded Cosmos

Acrylic inks merge together on a canvas board. On top, teal lines provide some structure.

Controlled Chaos

Many layers of acrylic paint and inks with circles negative painted on top. As I was creating this, I was thinking about the need to provide spaces for people to learn and make mistakes safely.


Originally this started as an attempt to see how watercolors would react to the canvas board. I didn't like the outcome so I decided to negatively paint circles on top. I picked the first group and those have the original watercolor. Then I did a few more layers, adding new circles each time but not painting any of the previous circles. It reminds me of growth and reimagining.